Every morning we wake up in a different way.
Sometimes we may still feel sleepy, with some minor or major ailment, more tired than before, immersed in what we dreamed, maybe we wake up suddenly, in a good or bad mood, sad, happy, anxious to face daily commitments, energetic, refreshed, sore.
But how often do we really pay attention to how we wake up and automatically catapult ourselves into our activities?
Usually, we pay attention to our state when we wake up badly, and then we look for some immediate remedy.
“Maybe coffee will put me back on track.”
“I’ll take a painkiller to get through the day?”
“A bit of music can calm me down.”
When we feel awake and not bothered by anything in particular, we usually perform a series of actions without thinking about them.
Bathroom, shower, teeth, makeup, choosing clothes, breakfast, and off we go.
But even when we wake up without any particular ailments or malaise, why don’t we try to arrange ourselves better?
It can be something much more profitable than the aesthetic aspect.
And what if we “arranged ourselves better inside”?
“Sure, if I had the time! Nice words. Who has time to meditate or exercise even for just 10 minutes in the morning?”
But do we really not have the time?
Or do we misuse time and immediately look at what’s happening on Facebook or listen to less uplifting morning news? Or do we get ahead with cleaning?
Actually, it’s not a matter of time, but of attention.
It doesn’t take time to pay attention to how we wake up.
There is a big difference between being awake and being awake and aware, taking a moment to really feel how we’re doing.
It would only require a small change in perception that would require a second of our attention.
To experience the difference, just do a little practice.
I use a Body Tapper that I received from a dear friend. It’s a kind of “bamboo whip” used in the East to gently tap the body and activate the energy flow in the body. You could also imagine it as a simple method for massaging and activating the connective tissue.
The effect is immediate. I have a feeling of vitality throughout my body, a calm and reassuring vitality. It makes me feel alive, ready but calm! Better than coffee!
Don’t think you need the Body Tapper!
We can achieve the same result by gently tapping the body with our fingertips or even better with a soft fist, perhaps starting from the chest then the abdomen, and along one arm.
Start with one part of the body and pause for a moment to feel the difference.
The words that best describe this sensation for me are energy and vitality.
If you also feel the difference, I recommend continuing and repeating this tapping on all sides of the body and possibly tapping with your fingers on the nape and face, especially on the temples.
I am always amazed at how such a simple gesture can bring about such a significant change.
This perception of vitality from this simple and quick action does not immediately vanish as it may seem.
It imprints on my nervous system and on my cells the memory of deep pleasure that guides me throughout the day. Starting the morning with a gesture of attention to myself predisposes me to well-being for the whole day.
Perhaps you also feel uncomfortable if you don’t wash your face or brush your teeth in the morning.
Integrating a small practice of attention to your body in the morning could become like brushing your teeth.

So even when we are sitting at the computer or busy with household chores, we have a greater ease in our body and are more inclined to seek pleasure in any gesture and activity.
Giving a sense of comfort and pleasure to the body can change our attitude throughout the day. How can we expand the feeling of well-being during the day, starting with a practice of attention, awareness, and love?
My way? Through conscious movement, regardless of what kind of movement. A walk, swimming, a Nia class. It doesn’t matter what. What matters is how: guided by pleasure.
A simple morning practice can make the difference!