Renee Descartes and his well known sentence  “Cogito,Ergo Sum “- I Think, therefore I am –  express  his  dualistic vision of the human being:  body and mind are separated from each other and the only guarantee I have of my own existence is  my  mind. We would say that Descartes was a believer of the separateness of mental and physical realm.  And the mental realm was  seen as the unique  gift from evolution.

I would like to reverese the famous quotation  and say” Non Cogito, Ergo Sum” – I  don’t think, therefore I am – and  take it a my motto for my way as a sensation scientist.

While studying the complicated nervous system I often felt  fascinated and relieved to be reminded of how many motions, how many actions we do automatically, without thinking.

How great it is  that I don’t not have to think about breathing all the time.  There are so many involuntary action we should take care of if it wasn’t for the nervous system that does it for us.  We do not have to think about coughing, sneezing, digesting and so on.

The interplay of the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system gives me the chance to dance because the somatic nervous system that is  taking care of my muscles,  and  I can be  in the dance while my heart is getting faster stimulated by the release of glucose from my liver and shunted blood from my skin to the skeletal system. What a great secret support!

Thanks to  the thinking body, thanks to  the body wisdom I have  more possibility to think about the universe and  get busy with life matters and still breath.   Thank you somatic nervous system! I can live my life in my mental realm to be sure I am living.   Cogito ergo sum.

But this is not  what I am aiming for. What I  now want is  to say : Non cogito, ergo sum.

I want to have longer period of time in my daily  life  where I don’t think.  I want to become a sensation scientist.  I want to sense.  I want to  breath mindfully   as often as I can and get  a pleasurable sensation out of it each time, I want to sense my mounth as I am talking and sense my fingertips while I am writing, smell the air around me, sense my sitting bones ,sense the colours in the space I find myself and sense the sounds around me while I am writing: I no longer want to miss this all

I want to unwire  my reflex and my habits and  to live an healthier , tasty, colored, warm , harmonic and  spicy life. “Nevertheless even in human beings the neural response to a given situation also may become hardwired through habits or reflex. “

What I want is my natural ability  of study my  sensations every moment of my life , appreciate and examine sensations all day long. I want to get back into balance .  This is the special gift I get from my nervous system and also the  special gift I can do my nervous system so that our relationships stays healthy and mutually advantageous.

Non cogito, Ergo sum!

I sense, therefore I am!