I love music.
Thanks to Nia, I learnt to listen with my whole body.
Fortunately, the body is less judgmental than the mind and receives sound vibrations without prejudice. My mind often rushes to judgement: I like it, I don’t like it. The body has other parameters. And it has more surface area.
I also love silence.
The silence between the notes of a song, the silence of an instrument that disappears and then returns, the silence of nature, the silence early in the morning.
Silence regenerates my thinking, my body, my nervous system.
I have learnt to take moments of silence during the day.
But do we really have enough silence in our lives to listen to music and above all do we really hear the alternation of music and silence of life around us?

A few years ago, some dear friends took me to San Sperate, a small village near Cagliari, in Sardinia, where it is possible to see but above all hear the works of the famous artist Pinuccio Sciola .
This brilliant sculptor has given voice to the sounds of Sardinia by carving monolithic stones in such a way that they can generate different sounds.
For me, Pinuccio Sciola’s works encapsulate the voice of nature and in particular the voice of Sardinia.
Hearing the different voices emitted by the engraved stones moved me deeply.
The symphonies of the stones flowed through me.
My body responded viscerally and the sound vibrations went straight to my heart, to my bones, to my whole self.
And paradoxically, I felt the deep silence of the stones.
I expect the sound of trees when the wind moves their leaves, I know the variety of sounds of the sea, the hidden sounds that emerge from a forest. But the sound of monolithic stones, silent par excellence?
In that magical moment in front of these works, I felt the profound and comforting alternation of the sound and silence of nature and my true being. I wish to respect, honour and remember these fundamental elements of outer nature and also of inner nature.
How do I think I can do this?
Well, it is not always necessary to go to Sardinia!
I can create space and silence within myself to listen.
I can create silence by shutting my mind and trusting the sound of my breath, my pulse. And then from silence emerges the music of truth, be it beautiful or ugly.
Without silence there is no music.
Without silence, there is no way to truly understand each other.
And then?
Then I let go of the music that emerges from the silence and everything becomes a dance.